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  About us

Introducing $KIWI COIN, the latest meme coin that has taken flight on Smart Chain.
With its innovative AutoBurn Mechanism and LowTax features, $KIWI COIN offers a unique investment opportunity for those looking to explore the world of cryptocurrency.
Additionally, $KIWI COIN offers peace of mind with its 1-year lock feature, allowing investors to securely hold their investments with confidence. Get ready to soar with $KIWI COIN.

Low tax | AutoBurn Mechanism | 1year lock

Join the KIWI community today and embark on a unique crypto journey where laughter, friendship, and financial opportunities intertwine.
  How to buy?


Create wallet
download metamask or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Get some BNB
have BNB in your wallet to switch to $KIWI. If you don’t have any BNB, you can buy directly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy on another exchange and send it to your wallet.

Go to PancakeSwap
connect to PancakeSwap. Go to in google chrome or on the browser inside your Metamask app. Connect your wallet. Paste the $KIWI token address into PancakeSwap, select KIWI, and confirm. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign.

Swap BNB for KIWI
Switch BNB for $KIWI. We have Low taxes so you don’t need to worry about buying with a specific slippage, although you may need to use slippage during times of market volatility.





AutoBurn Mechanism



Phase 1

- Team formation
- Creation of Contract
- Creation of whitepaper/website
- Token Deployment
- Launch at Pancakeswap

Phase 2

- Begin marketing
- Build community on Telegram
- Fairlaunch
- Telegram marketing
- Telegram event

Phase 3

- Marketing
- CMC and CG listing
- Two T2 CEX listings
- Trending on Twitter
- 5,000+ holders

Phase 4

- International marketing + new communities
- Two T1 CEX listing + another T2 CEX
- Further partnerships with top tier influencers
- Partnerships with successful projects
- 10,000+ holders

Phase 5

- Secret utility announcement